Ripple (XRP) and WordPress are integrated“


Coil, a San Francisco-based startup, announced a new integration with – – – – – – – – – and WordPress. This means that website builders could get payments measured by Blockchain.

This could be the largest use of XRP outside of the global payments company Ripple.

In addition, users, who are currently used to giving out their private information, will have it personal and protected. Also, they may enjoy WordPress sites that advertise for free.

It is now possible to easily create a crypto currency exchange with WordPress

About WordPress and Ripple (XRP)
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and maintain a blog or other type of website.

According to a W3techs survey in April, more than a third of the web is published using WordPress software.

For its part, Ripple is both a platform and a currency. So, the Ripple platform is an open source protocol that is designed to enable fast transactions.

But, Ripple (XRP) has begun to break the ice in the world of global payments. Most importantly, the new Coil’s WordPress deal could be a big step forward in advancing the cause of functional Blockchain.

What do we know about Coil?

Coil was founded in 2018 to create a better business model for the web. First, Coil makes it easy for creators to monetize their content online and offers an alternative to advertising and subscription models.

As members enjoy the content, Coil uses a proposed open web standard, called Web Monetization. It therefore transmits micropayments to creators in real time.

Stefan Thomas, founder and CEO of Coil, emphasized:

„With the introduction of the Web Monetization plug-in and more payment options for publishers and creators, our goal is to provide more options.

Coil technology signals when a user visits a Coil-enabled site and distributes a payment to that site, paid in cash or in crypto-currency, specifically with Ripple (XRP).

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New partnership
To facilitate payment for website owners, Coil also announces a new partnership with Uphold, which trades in fifty currencies and has agreements with banks in 35 countries.